Sunday, May 28, 2006

The best thing that ever happened to me!!!!! To all my true friends out there, don't forget to vote for me!!! And to all my new friends, I thank you for your votes and your support...

This is only my first post, so I'm still a rookie at this! hahaha... But I created this space for the very reason that anyone who stumbles upon this page will spend some time to get to know me. At least enough, to vote for me lah... ( very "Singaporean", hahaha ) Check out my pics that they put up on the Singapore Idol website!!! I think my face looks really round : (

I'm gonna put up some pics of myself that I think I look better than the ones currently available. I don't want to be known as a fat pig, hahaha....( even tho' I share certain similarities as a pig,,sleep,eat,sleep,eat.... )

Feel free to email me your comments, cos I really need your constructive criticism in order to improve myself. I really want to go further in this competition. Above anything else, I thank you all in advance..... ; )


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