Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Can't believe you all still tag me...THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH...
I haven't posted anything for ages..Ages..AGES..SORRY SORRY SORRY
i spent a while figuring out how to log back in, and...here i am!!

Quick updates

>>I recently underwent surgery for my right hand..i had broken my bone in a fall that didn't seem so bad at first, but has lead to a lot of pain..undergoing physiotherapy now to regain my strength in that hand..i'm like an invalid now..sigh..but i will be as strong as i can..promise...

>>I'm singing in St james power station..starting work again tonight at Dragonfly...delivering my out of touch mandarin songs..lol..u see i have been on mc for about 2 weeks plus.. don't know when i will start singing at boilerroom again..but will update...promise..

>>I met somebody.

>>There's a Singing/talent competition coming up...AUDITIONS ARE THIS WEEKEND 24th & 25th May..Its held at Bedok Community Centre and registration forms are available online!! I'm part of the committee organising this..Check it out at www.bedokyec.org.sg/form/RulesNRegulations.pdf
It will be fun to take part! promise..

>> I realise that Fear is really the opposite of Love..

:p Em

Monday, May 28, 2007


Reality bites...and in this real world..perhaps I couldn't survive...

My Reality, however, only serves to sting myself...because i never want to hurt others...

Yet, I hurt the one person in this world I shouldn't.. I owe everything I have, I owe my life to her...

In frustration, I punched the wall with my fists, my temple...it hurts...

Physical pain, to me, nothing compared to emotional distress...

Wake up...I hear the voice calling...I hear the ache in my head, reverberating..

For every 10 who hate, there are 5 who love...what odds are these?

Those who hate, stay away...far away...fade away...drift away...go away..

Those who love, stay..stay within the circle...stay in my embrace...stay until the day...comes when good rules...

Personal gain...selfish thoughts...betrayal...Lies...taboo...EVIL...society rules

When will Love rule?


Saturday, May 26, 2007

Hello everyone! I'm exceptionally emo today...yes yes..something happened..I can't give any details..but let's just say my heart has been broken by someone i actually consider a friend..

I met him more than 10 years ago, business thing, and only in the recent months we collaborated on something...As i'm the sort of person who believe very much in 'Yi Qi' (loyalty between friends), I value my friends to the extent i can give and give without expecting anything in return..Then, suddenly, I got burnt..

It's so painful to see that not only has my hard work and sacrifices not being appreciated, I'm being taken for granted and treated like &*%$..
I cried and cried.....and cried....now as i type this, the song that comes to my mind, is JT's Cry me a river..I was lucky I wasn't alone then..[Thank you P for helping me stop my tears..]

Well, anyways, It's a lesson well learned...It also made me think of the good memories...before and during my idol competition..I came home and looked through my pictures.. the ones that make me smile when i look at them, the ones that have taught me a lesson..I will post as much as i can because I want to share them with all of you!! I love you all!

We shouldn't live in the past - yet what we've learned and experienced before, can help give us the strength when we need it, and provide us with the fuel to go further...

Good things happen - situations change...people change...unavoidable...yet lovely!

Love is not just between a couple, but for family, friends and pets...

Old friends - great memories - Kikkumon Ichiban!
Hontoni Suki Desu..Mina-san genki desuka?

I'm Smiling...are you?
Love, Em


Saturday, April 14, 2007

Chinese New Year Garden Party at THE ISTANA

Hey People! Excuse me for not updating in a while..busy la..:p

Right now, I'm going to be sharing my first New Year Garden Party held at the Istana. Imagine my excitement! LOL!

After taking a chartered bus with the other grassroot leaders from Bedok CC, We reached the side entrance of the Istana around 3pm, went through scanners (just to make sure we didn't have weapons on us) and then had to take another bus to the main arena.

The place was gorgeous! And they had some ladies teaching us how to make flowers, calligraphy, etc...The food was catered by Meritius Mandarin and we had all the ministers under one roof.

Flower - making tent


The lady was very helpful...Check out my pink flower!

Then about half an hour later, our DPM (Deputy Prime Minister) arrived.
Professor S. Jayakumar!! (He's also our Minister of Law)

Prof and I

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Prof for all the support he has given me. Even during and after my SI competition, Prof has been very encouraging and supportive. Thank you so much Prof!

From left: Ms Emilee Kang, Professor S Jayakumar, Ms Adeline Kang and Ms Jasmaine Quek.

[Feb 2007 Istana Garden Party]

Suddenly, there was a commotion coming from the main entrance...A huge huge crowd of ppl have gathered..



Our MM Mr Lee and his wife!

He had about 6 body guards I can see surrounding him, looking serious and fierce..I told my sis i wanted a pic taken with the legend...So I....

Inched closer.....

and closer...

Managed to shake his hand!! Tender they were...

And steal a pic with the Man himself!

It's just amazing I managed to get as close as I did..Hey...not easy to get close to him ok...just look at the crowd around him..plus he only stayed for all of 5 mins..It was truly my lucky day..lol..

Much to my sister's chagrin, while he was getting into his car, I just had to embarrass myself by yelling after him ,"I love you Mr Lee! You rock!"

Cool Huh?

Friday, January 26, 2007

The Courage of Love - Not a relationship, but a state of being

Love is not a relationship. Love is but a stage of being; it has nothing to do with anybody else. One is not in love, one is love.

And of course when one is love, one is in love-but that is an outcome, a by-product, that is not the source. The source is that one is love.

And who can be love?

Certainly, if you are not aware of who you are, you cannot be love. You will be fear.

Fear is just the opposite of love.

Remember, hate is not the opposite of love, as people think.
Hate is love standing upside down, it is not the opposite of love.

The real opposite of love is fear.

In love one expands, in fear one shrinks.

In fear one becomes closed, in love one opens.

In fear one doubts, in love one trusts.

In fear one is left lonely. In love one disappears; hence there is no question of loneliness at all.

When one is not, how can one be lonely?

Love is when you have known your inner sky!


Love, Em

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

THOUGHTS '3' -updated version #3

"Fear is nothing but absence of love. Do something with love, forget about fear. If you love well, fear disappears."

I'm gonna start filling in number 6 onwards plus input my comments and further thoughts about the points..Do feel free to input more comments!! :)

I was just talking to Nana (my best friend) about stuff when the topic of 'matters of the heart' came up. I realized that I have actually forgotten what it feels like to LIKE someone..Strange huh...yeah well..that's me I guess..lol

My weird conclusions -

1) So when you look into his/her eyes and you want to concentrate on what he/she is talking about but you realize you can't because you are having this light-headed feeling and all you can think about is how it would be like to kiss him/her and you just want to look into his/her eyes forever if you can.

2) You are DELIRIOUSLY happy when you're with him/her.

3) You don't mind making a fool of yourself...sometimes.

4) You think about him/her.

5) You have the urge to communicate often. (but don't do it as it might piss him/her off!).....

6) Love is a feeling so ever strong that you could risk everything of yours, including your life, for the person you like when it is being treated nicely, but when betrayed, it is such a destructive force that can destroy every single thing which you have built up with ur love one over years within a matter of seconds.

(contributed by Ken) My comment:[True but can be avoided as long as one is not selfish with the space needed between two lovers..also, not to confuse 'betrayal' with pettiness)

7) You want him/her to have the best, even if she/he may not know you're the one, or even may not appreciate if he/she know it is you.
Or simply, you just want to go out with him/her more often. =)

(contributed by Hyperamos) My comment: [A giving spirit without expecting much in return..Same sentiment as myself..It's not easy to be this way though..unless you are truly in LOVE]

8) You find it hard to sleep; not necessarily consciously thinking about the other person but because your heart is racing...
You find it harder to tease the person the same way as when (or if) you were just friends.

(contributed by lu) My comment:[maybe this is the reason why i cannot sleep..lol]

9) He/she is the person that you keep thinking before you sleep and the first thing you wake up!!
Suddenly everyone in the street looks like him/her;)
All his/her words sounds like poetry!!

(contributed by ugly dude naz) My comment: [Can be true but sounds to me more like an infatuation?]

10) The thought of losing his/her friendship brings so much pain that you would rather remain friends than take the risk of telling him/her. If he/she doesn't like you, and he/she knows you like him/her, things might become awkward and never be the same again.

(contributed by Emilee) [ok fine..For the non risk-takers, this point is valid. however, it's always better to be as honest as you can..sometimes we're just waiting for the right time, a suitable situation to do something about it, or just to wait for the other party to make the first move( only if he/she happens to share the same feelings)..if not, things are better left just as they are]

11) When you want to dedicate En Vogue's 'Dont Let Go' to him/her. Lyrics are below..

12) When I really click with someone, I feel energised - as in, in their presence, I can keep on going no matter what. I feed off their energy. I could work around the clock with them, and never stop working. The hours pass fast.
The vastness of life, spread like the desert, collapses down to reveal a great canyon, a river flowing through it that pulsates with electricity. You could curl there, on an island by the river, for hours with that person - the desert above freezes, but you are warm.

(contributed by bha'ral)My comment:[very true..along the lines of being deliriously happy, very distracted and time passing too fast..sigh..i miss feeling this way..]

13) When you will go to any extend to put a smile on his/her face, even if it means sacrificing yourself in more ways than one.

[The important point to note here is that you will never want him/her to find out!! As you are doing it for him/her to make him/her happy, you definitely do not want him/her to find out or he/she will feel bad, guilty and he/she will feel like he/she owes you something, which is not a good feeling to have!!]

14) You lose concentration, everything reminds you of him/her. You talk about him/her nonstop. Your best friend tells you to shut up because his/her ears cannot take it anymore. LOL :p

ok people..I OFFICIALLY NEED HELP..I can only come up with 5 and that's just sad!!
Anyone of you out there who have better conclusions PLEASE PLEASE do leave a comment here!

#I have been a naughty naughty girl.

En Vogue - Don't Let Go

What's it gonna be?
Cuz I can't pretend
Don't you wanna be more than friends?
Hold me tight and don't let go
Don't let go
Have the right to lose control
Don't let go

I often tell myself
That we could be more than just friends
I know you think that if we move too soon
It would all end
I live in misery when you're not around
And I won't be satisfied 'till we're taking those vows
There'll be some love making, heart breaking, soul shaking
Oh, love making, heart breaking, soul shaking

I often fantasize
The stars above are watching you
They know my heart and speak to yours
Like only lovers do
If I could wear your clothes
I'd pretend I was you and lose control
There'll be some love making, heart breaking, soul shaking
Oh love making, heart breaking, soul shaking, oh yeah

Running in and out my life has got me so confused
You gotta make the sacrifice
Somebody's got to choose
We can make it if we try, for the sake of you and I
Together we can make it right

Love, Em

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

CLOUDS ( = LOVE? -_-")

My mandarin name is Mei Yun. It used to mean 'beautiful cloud', but as i was too playful and uncontrollable as a kid, my mum changed my 'Yun'(cloud) to another 'Yun'. She used 'grass' to weigh the 'Yun' down so i would become a good kid..lol (did anyone understand that?) It worked..I became controllable.

You know, I wonder if mandarin names really do affect the state of a person's life. Apparently it does, according to popular chinese belief. Which is why my uncle had a fortune teller/wise man/holy man?? to get a name for his only son so that my cousin would have a good life/career/family.(It took a long time to decide the final name, it was too important a matter to be careless about)

Then i wonder about my name, maybe it's because i'm a 'Yun', that's why i feel that sometimes i'm like a 'passing cloud' (I so do not want to be that!!) It's frustrating how when you think you can actually connect with someone you kinda like, only to have that person throw your sincerity back in your face.
How rude eh..I just feel damn lucky i have my friends around me to support me and also to keep me sane(and alive)hahaha..

However, these people who hurt me are actually helping me in some way..to understand myself better and to never do what they did to me to others..By learning from others' cruelty, I learn Salvation (sounds like a skill my hero should have..though my fav is still Juggernaut's Blade Fury..lol..spin spin spin!!!!!!!!)

So i guess what i'm trying to say is..Spread the LOVE people! No matter how many times you get hurt, you should never give up..because Good does exist..plus, whatever goes around comes around..As long as our conscience is clear, we have nothing to fear and True Happiness will find us AND follow us wherever we go..

~This post is dedicated to all who love and are loved in return~

Love, Em