Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Hi yall!! See this survey below..Nana has asked me to fill it in..So here goes...

1.Are u photogenic? Not really

2.What time do you go to bed? When I can

3.What was the last thing you did before this? just had my dinner

4.Who's the one you always meet the most? Nana & her bebe

5.Who's the person you'll call if you need help? I don't like to trouble ppl. I'd rather solve it on my own

6.What's on your mind right now? This survey

7.What do you prefer? american idol/ malaysian idol? Singapore Idol! cos it has brought me many once-in-a-lifetime memories

8.With whom do you wanna be with to have fun? The person i miss..Nana & her bebe

9.What movie do you wanna watch now? Curse of the golden flower

10.When was the last time you went out? This morning to Mustafa

11.What do you hate the most for now? People who think they know everything just because they are much older

12.What do you do everyday besides eat and sleep? read, write songs, but mostly reading and doing research

13.Colors that make you happy? green, pink, white..all bright colors

14.Most fave thing in your room? My bolster

15.Miss someone? So bloody much you cannot imagine

16.Plan to buy something? No. budget la

17.Are you satisfied with your life now? Striving for a better future

18.Do you like seafood? Yessss

19.Breakfast or dinner? Dinner pls

20.Like chocolates? dark ones with nougat..caramel..almonds..

21.Do you have a laptop? no

22.Whats your favourite food from fast food? LJS chicken..

23.Cats or dogs? Kitties..

24.Salty or sweet? both actually

25.City or country? for relaxation

26.Is kissing normal for your age? what kind of question is this...yes i have kissed before -_-''

27.Are you athletic? when i want to be

28.Favourite bands for now? No particular favourite..i do like Evanescense though

29.Do you have your own cell phone? I have 3

30.What do you wear to bed? Nothing

31.Ever had a crush on a teacher in high school? No leh

32.Coke or pepsi? both depending on my mood

33.Sugar or spice? both plus special ingredient..haha

34.Can you use chopsticks? yes very well..trained since young

35.Do you care about getting good grades? relatively

36.Have you ever fallen asleep in class? so many times when i was younger(it's a no-no!)

37.Get a job or ask your parents for money? Job anytime

38.Is your mom strict? Extremely..

39.Do your parents give you enough privacy? now they do

40.Do your parents trust you? now they trust me more

41.Would you ever wanna lose your best friend(s)? no..unless they want me gone

42.Does your best friend(s) get on your nerves? hahahaahahahaah

43.Do you make friends quickly? relatively

44.Do you tell your mom everything? most of it

45.What do you & your parents fight about most? my job preferences

46.If you love someone & she/he rejected u, what will u do to her/him?
As long as the person i love is happy..that's all that matters..right?
47.Can you sing or rap? I can do both

48.If you have one wish, who would u make ur wife/husband for life? The one in my heart now

49.What do you think about this survey? A way to know myself better actually

50.Would you do another survey such as this? see my mood loh

Now you have to ask 7 friends to do this survey on their blog.Write down their names below.

1. Gayle

2. Norman

3. Jasmine

4. Nurul

5. Hady

6. Jon

7. Mat


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