Tuesday, January 09, 2007

CLOUDS ( = LOVE? -_-")

My mandarin name is Mei Yun. It used to mean 'beautiful cloud', but as i was too playful and uncontrollable as a kid, my mum changed my 'Yun'(cloud) to another 'Yun'. She used 'grass' to weigh the 'Yun' down so i would become a good kid..lol (did anyone understand that?) It worked..I became controllable.

You know, I wonder if mandarin names really do affect the state of a person's life. Apparently it does, according to popular chinese belief. Which is why my uncle had a fortune teller/wise man/holy man?? to get a name for his only son so that my cousin would have a good life/career/family.(It took a long time to decide the final name, it was too important a matter to be careless about)

Then i wonder about my name, maybe it's because i'm a 'Yun', that's why i feel that sometimes i'm like a 'passing cloud' (I so do not want to be that!!) It's frustrating how when you think you can actually connect with someone you kinda like, only to have that person throw your sincerity back in your face.
How rude eh..I just feel damn lucky i have my friends around me to support me and also to keep me sane(and alive)hahaha..

However, these people who hurt me are actually helping me in some way..to understand myself better and to never do what they did to me to others..By learning from others' cruelty, I learn Salvation (sounds like a skill my hero should have..though my fav is still Juggernaut's Blade Fury..lol..spin spin spin!!!!!!!!)

So i guess what i'm trying to say is..Spread the LOVE people! No matter how many times you get hurt, you should never give up..because Good does exist..plus, whatever goes around comes around..As long as our conscience is clear, we have nothing to fear and True Happiness will find us AND follow us wherever we go..

~This post is dedicated to all who love and are loved in return~

Love, Em


Blogger ugly dude naz said...

Hey Gorgeous, im sure you will find truw happiness in other forms:)...good that you wun give up on love!! Also do tell the person what your heart feels as it is always regrettable not able to tell a person coz its too late....keep smiling yeah:)


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