Monday, January 01, 2007

HAPPY 2007 to ALL!! The year that will bring us much surprises!! I feel myself changing..again..We are forever changing..aren't we?

I'm on a rollercoaster of emotions,
How did that happen? (I asked for it)
I was unsure before but i'm not anymore...

The truth presents itself, the heart throbs,
but my tears ain't flowing,
Have the wells run dry?(massive overflow)
No...So my heart replies...
And so now i know, where my heart truly lies..

The dilemma I experienced, was only but a test from Him,
though it's all in my hands, i still need help from Him!
Are you listening? Can you read between the lines?
Do you not know i'm speaking to you?
Do you feel the vibes? (raw vibes)
Do you still not see?
I need you...

Love, Em


Blogger ugly dude naz said...

Hey Gorgeous....A Happy New Year Wish to you too...Hope 2007 brings you lots of good stuff....especially constant good Health, Wealth - any king of!! Which is good..hahaha...wealth from experience...which is better!! and hope you are able to stay happy and cheerful most times...

So what is in store now? Any new projects for you? I think you can start some hosting too, as you got the looks and the charisma to pull it through....

Do take care always and persevere when the going gets tough. Keep smiling and stay positive always...

you can get me at

10:58 PM  
Blogger emilee said...

Hihi! A Happy New Year to you too! May Happiness follow you wherever you go and also Success and Wealth be yours!!

I'm planning and looking but it's hard for me la..still, i'm doing the best i can and i will not give up..I would love to host and act but i'll also need the opportunity right..

I will take care and you must take care too..We will all be smiling and staying positive...

Thanks Naz..

Love, Em

3:23 AM  
Blogger ugly dude naz said...

Hey Em....thanks thanks!! me foremost is Health and Wealth but Wealth of knowledge...and i try to be Happy most time even when the chips are down!!:)

Good for you to plan on what you want to do...Goof to know that you are determined to succeed too:) Im sure there will be offers coming your sure!!:)

Yeah, i cherish my well being...actually just recovered from a lengthy Vestibular Neuronitis....but am still having some dizzyness really glad still have my job. Im considered lucky as there are many unfortunate people out there....good that you will take care! i hope to see you happy too:) Keep smiling yeah:) Muackkz


8:15 AM  
Blogger emilee said...

Hey naz,

was your condition something to do wiht nerve disorder? You are strong to have overcome that..What exactly is this condition?
This year, to me, is all about changes..goodness knows how much i feel myself changing already...take care best wishes to you always..

Love, Em

1:42 AM  
Blogger ugly dude naz said...

Hey Em, Vestibular Neuronitis is a disorder to our balancing nerve in between ones pair of ear. A viral infection can caused that. You will have undue distressed when you have these vertigo attacks. Meaning that everything around you seem like moving...the wall, the floor, the human friend(not humanly form to a person having it)....So that person can only lie down in one position and dun any movement will create further distress...I was on 7mths mc for that!! Thank God it is better for me now although im on a constant 'high' from all the medicine!!! haha

Hey changes are good but i hope you will still be true to your roots. If you change too much you will not the Gorgeous gal that everyone love soo much!!:) Will be following your development with interest. Do take care and remember to smile always!!:) Muackkz


8:22 AM  

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