Saturday, April 14, 2007

Chinese New Year Garden Party at THE ISTANA

Hey People! Excuse me for not updating in a while..busy la..:p

Right now, I'm going to be sharing my first New Year Garden Party held at the Istana. Imagine my excitement! LOL!

After taking a chartered bus with the other grassroot leaders from Bedok CC, We reached the side entrance of the Istana around 3pm, went through scanners (just to make sure we didn't have weapons on us) and then had to take another bus to the main arena.

The place was gorgeous! And they had some ladies teaching us how to make flowers, calligraphy, etc...The food was catered by Meritius Mandarin and we had all the ministers under one roof.

Flower - making tent


The lady was very helpful...Check out my pink flower!

Then about half an hour later, our DPM (Deputy Prime Minister) arrived.
Professor S. Jayakumar!! (He's also our Minister of Law)

Prof and I

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Prof for all the support he has given me. Even during and after my SI competition, Prof has been very encouraging and supportive. Thank you so much Prof!

From left: Ms Emilee Kang, Professor S Jayakumar, Ms Adeline Kang and Ms Jasmaine Quek.

[Feb 2007 Istana Garden Party]

Suddenly, there was a commotion coming from the main entrance...A huge huge crowd of ppl have gathered..



Our MM Mr Lee and his wife!

He had about 6 body guards I can see surrounding him, looking serious and fierce..I told my sis i wanted a pic taken with the legend...So I....

Inched closer.....

and closer...

Managed to shake his hand!! Tender they were...

And steal a pic with the Man himself!

It's just amazing I managed to get as close as I did..Hey...not easy to get close to him ok...just look at the crowd around he only stayed for all of 5 mins..It was truly my lucky

Much to my sister's chagrin, while he was getting into his car, I just had to embarrass myself by yelling after him ,"I love you Mr Lee! You rock!"

Cool Huh?


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Blogger ugly dude naz said...

Hey EM, im really trill to see the megawatt smile from all the pictures here. looks like you are having fun!! and that is good....hey, how come all the old man looks soo familiar?!!;) hahaha.....

So how are things with the acting thingy? Hope all is going according to plan!?....And how was your weekend? Meet up with friends and doing anything great?

Anyway, i want you to smile always...not smile nonstop....i dun want you to be a resident in IMH lar;) take care and have fun yeah....btw, got any pictures of the social work that you do?

naz come ahmad came out?!!....thats my first name:)

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