Saturday, May 26, 2007

Hello everyone! I'm exceptionally emo today...yes yes..something happened..I can't give any details..but let's just say my heart has been broken by someone i actually consider a friend..

I met him more than 10 years ago, business thing, and only in the recent months we collaborated on something...As i'm the sort of person who believe very much in 'Yi Qi' (loyalty between friends), I value my friends to the extent i can give and give without expecting anything in return..Then, suddenly, I got burnt..

It's so painful to see that not only has my hard work and sacrifices not being appreciated, I'm being taken for granted and treated like &*%$..
I cried and cried.....and as i type this, the song that comes to my mind, is JT's Cry me a river..I was lucky I wasn't alone then..[Thank you P for helping me stop my tears..]

Well, anyways, It's a lesson well learned...It also made me think of the good memories...before and during my idol competition..I came home and looked through my pictures.. the ones that make me smile when i look at them, the ones that have taught me a lesson..I will post as much as i can because I want to share them with all of you!! I love you all!

We shouldn't live in the past - yet what we've learned and experienced before, can help give us the strength when we need it, and provide us with the fuel to go further...

Good things happen - situations change...people change...unavoidable...yet lovely!

Love is not just between a couple, but for family, friends and pets...

Old friends - great memories - Kikkumon Ichiban!
Hontoni Suki Desu..Mina-san genki desuka?

I'm Smiling...are you?
Love, Em



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