Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Can't believe you all still tag me...THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH...
I haven't posted anything for ages..Ages..AGES..SORRY SORRY SORRY
i spent a while figuring out how to log back in, and...here i am!!

Quick updates

>>I recently underwent surgery for my right hand..i had broken my bone in a fall that didn't seem so bad at first, but has lead to a lot of pain..undergoing physiotherapy now to regain my strength in that hand..i'm like an invalid now..sigh..but i will be as strong as i can..promise...

>>I'm singing in St james power station..starting work again tonight at Dragonfly...delivering my out of touch mandarin songs..lol..u see i have been on mc for about 2 weeks plus.. don't know when i will start singing at boilerroom again..but will update...promise..

>>I met somebody.

>>There's a Singing/talent competition coming up...AUDITIONS ARE THIS WEEKEND 24th & 25th May..Its held at Bedok Community Centre and registration forms are available online!! I'm part of the committee organising this..Check it out at www.bedokyec.org.sg/form/RulesNRegulations.pdf
It will be fun to take part! promise..

>> I realise that Fear is really the opposite of Love..

:p Em


Blogger darkelv said...

Hey Emilee, is good to have you back. Hope everything fine with you and have a quick recovery. Met someone eh, lucky fella he is ;)

8:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I have just emailed you a message wondering and wandering if on a mid-year holiday break. For a forthnight we don't see you performing at Boiler Room.. Without you it is Not Boiling! True Gino can hold the fort but the Sparks are not there when you don't grace the stage! Believe me, when you come on, the stage GLOWS!

Seems that stage performers do face hazards, like the time when Alia twisted her knee.

Anyway you should be up and about pretty soon; have a speedy recovery. We have been at Boiler Room regularly on weekends for at least 6 months. See you soon. Cheers.

Francis Tan

12:49 AM  
Blogger ugly dude naz said...

Hey EM, really really happy to see you here again. Must be busy with the lucky guy eh;) hehe...yeah darn lucky he is:)...Anyway, have been following your career and am glad that you are still doing what you love. Be true to your heart yeah.

Do also take care...your hand better now? Keep smiling always k:)

11:13 PM  
Blogger Supreme said...

EM, next time if u see any kermit the frog in Dragonfly.. wave at me.. its me!!!!!
peace out!!!!!!

8:08 AM  

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