Thursday, October 26, 2006


Check out my new tagboard and song!! (Thanks a million to Diena for helping me put them up)
I had wanted a tagboard so i could talk to everyone in a faster more efficient way..then Hyperamos brought to my attention that it has limited do forgive me if i don't reply cos i probably didn't read it...Do please tag me anyway and also post comments? I will do my best to reply everyone..


This year was the most exciting Hari Raya for me! I bought a Baju Kurung(my 3rd one in fact) and followed Nana to go visiting! What struck me was that it's rather similar to Chinese New Year-We go house to house wishing everyone Selamat Hari Raya, then we eat, drink, eat, drink..The green packet giving to their descendants and parents was a must for the seniors(once you are working you have to give! For Chinese New Year, only married couples have to give red packets to unmarried people and parents)
It was interesting to watch the kids line up in a long long row to get their green packets from nana..and believe me, it was a LONG row...You see, nana's mum has got 10 siblings and her dad has got 8 siblings, she has about 36 cousins in total...just imagine how packed the house was when ALL came under one roof! Towards to the end of the day, i was so exhausted i fell asleep on her cousin's bed, and had to be sent home. The moment i reached home, I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow! I enjoyed myself immensely that day..I got to meet her whole family, who were all very nice people! I love them! I have taken some pics and will put them up soon..Have a great weekend everyone!! :)

Love, Em

PS: Uglydudenaz -Thank you Naz..He will be happy to know he's being remembered..:) Take care too..
emilee-kang-rox - I think Althea is a cool unique! Study hard, Play hard but do remember to continue revising
your studies k..Muah muah
ando-aries - Thank're new! haven't seen you here keep coming here! :)
blueguitarboy - Hi there! I like black, plus it'e Emilee the Strange, so black suits the theme check out's my website..Take care and see you here again! :)

Monday, October 23, 2006

Hey People! Sorry i haven't been updating....Miss you all so much!


My Condolences to the family of Mr ALI AHMAD (The Tom Jones of Singapore)
"You will be remembered dearly-respected for your wonderful personality and your ever exciting career!"

Gotta go now...Tomorrow will be a long day for me..I'm helping Nana's family with the celebrations and of course, eating non stop.....Hahahaha I'll be back as soon as i can my dears!!

May happiness follow you wherever you go....

Love, Em

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Not forgetting.....

CONGRATS to my dear bro Hady!
A big THANK YOU to all Hady fans and voters..without all of you, there is no Hady Mirza '2nd Singapore Idol'
Hady will surely do us proud as Taufik always will!

Also to Jon supporters and voters - be sure your votes have not come to waste as Jon, driven and hardworking as he is, will not be a 'flash in the pan'! heehee..I have full confidence in him!

I love you guys la....
Hallo Dear Friends!!


Jasmine - Thanks babe...glad you like the pics...will try to put up some more ya? :)

Hyperamos - will definitely check out your blog as soon as i see your handsome face..heehee..

Teckhwee - Thanks man...hope you liked our performance in the finals!

Two hillers - Come to think of it, we 'bully' Paulie only because we sayang him a lot..haha..He will be glad to know he's being so loved by all! I haven't seen him for a week and already i miss him...

Vampira - Thanks're really sweet!! Hady will be happy to know he melted your heart...

Tanat - It's really with supporters like you that has kept us going through the journey..I'm glad you liked the PCD song..We spent a lot of time rehearsing the dance, which kept having to be arranged and rearranged...I'm super proud of all the girls for pulling it off..Besides we had the best time ever doing that song!!

Kaileng - I didn't know you supported Nana in season 1! She is my best friend and i was actually beside her when she was reading your tag..haha..I'm glad we finally got to take a pic together..I remembered when i called out your name, you were so shocked...haha

Scribbling into space - Thanks so much..Please continue to support us k? :)

emilee-kang rox - LOL the 'chicken wings' thing is quite's much better than what we came up with...Our version ' you give me wings so i will be clean and dry' LOL Just kidding la...

Sunny - HiHi! Thanks for your concern man...SI is not exactly over yet...we still got more for our supporters...Will surely strive to improve more and deliver quality entertainment to all.....:) Do Support us k?

Stephie - It's really because of supporters like you that makes us go on, even though we are simply exhausted mentally and physically..Thank you so much! Do come up to say hi when you see me? Muacks!

Adeline - Hi Adeline! How have you been? Do take care and hope to see you soon...:)

Eddyboi - Thanks so much! Am elated to know you enjoyed our performances! There might be more to come! We will not disappoint. :p

Joey la fox - hey girl! will visit your blogspot as soon as i can ya? :)

Edna - I remember you! You were with your gal pal right? And yes that was just two days before i flew to England for a long awaited holiday...eavesdropping? no la..i was probably so excited about the trip that i was talking a little too

Blackmambassist - You are just the sweetest ever...Made my day and made me blush too! lol Take care! :p