Wednesday, November 29, 2006

THOUGHTS - The Leech, The Light, The 'Last'

The Leech

Recently I'm beginning to think of someone as a leech.(let's call this person X) Quite sad, really..I don't normally like to think of people in a negative way (unless that person does something to turn me off), but X is seriously beginning to FREAK me out.
To the extent that my friends and i are super turned off and we just want X to go far far away and not keep shadowing our every move. As X gives us very psycho vibes, we are afraid to be straight-forward to X. (X knows where we stay!) We drop hints every now and then, hoping X will get the picture but our attempts remain futile. Sigh.

The Light

"You light up my la la la..." Can't remember how the rest of the song goes...haha..maybe because my life is not as lit up as i hope.

Not that i'm complaining..i have friends who hold me dear to their hearts and i,in turn, hold them dear to mine.

However, according to my friends, i need to be loved in a romantic way. I need to seek the Light in my life.

You know what? I think The Light has already appeared, I just refuse to admit it. LOL

The 'Last'

Many things don't last.
We all know that. Duh.
So we make the best of every moment and strive to be genuinely happy.
But i feel caged.
My morality, my principles,
I want to let go. Seriously.
Still, i can't.
Repercussions will be disastrous.

Should I?

Sunday, November 26, 2006


When tears fall for no reason, what does it mean?
Perhaps the reason is clear, just that one refuses to see it.
Allowing them to flow seems to be the answer,
yet the flow never seems to stop.
Confusing, Life is...
Everything happens for a reason, i know..
yet sometimes the reasons are never apparent..
People changing over-night,
A person, warm today, cold tomorrow..

I await.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Someone asked:
How many physical cuts and bruises does it take to bring Em down?

Answer: Still counting...

Someone: Seriously meh?

Answer: Really... you see? (shows proof)

Someone: Aiyo you better do something about that, tsk tsk tsk

Answer: I know but it takes time to heal..what to do?

Someone asked again: How many emotional cuts and bruises does it take, to bring Em down?

Answer: still counting...

Someone: you mean you get hurt so easily meh?

Answer: I'm a very sensitive person...can you see the knot in my heart now?

Someone: Aiyo you better do something about that..tsk tsk tsk

Answer: I know but it takes time to heal..what to do?