Wednesday, June 21, 2006

hi there! thanks to all for posting comments...i'm super stressed, can't eat, can't sleep..results show coming up..Please do vote for me! Save me! :p Good luck to all my fellow contestants Charmaine, Nurul, Mathilda, Meryl, Annabelle and Wanhua! Good Luck to myself as well...Peace to all!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Hi all!
To Hady, Jay,Adil,Roslan, Joakim, Primero and Randy..Good Luck on the upcoming results show! See you guys on thursday! Muah Muah...

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Yo everybody! i'm back!!
First of all big congrats to rahimah and jasmine for making it to top 12! Happy Birthday Rahimah. hope you like the cake James and I got you! we had it planned just the day before. quite last minute but its the thought that counts right??! haha :p also to jonathan, many thanks for being such a good friend! :p

to lovefoolosopher, thank you for your wonderful advice and encouragement, i will definitely work hard and strive for what i hope to achieve in life...:) and i still think you're an intellect! haha

to 5t3v3n, thanks for your support and samantha says thank you too! i will definitely do my very best for idol and just hope i can get enough votes to get through. :) cheers...

to secret agent, you must be d che! definitely not ed or gor. so i can go tua pek's house and eat free food everyday? haha do you know how to cook the black egg mushroom thingy that grandma always cooks? that's my favourite. ate so much at gou gou's place that i couldn't stand up haha.sms me abt that. love you muah muah muah

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Next, allow me to introduce my 'daughter' Samantha..She's 1 year n 6 months old and is extremely playful and active.She loves to take pictures and is a vain pot. Her fav foods are chicken and seafood flakes and her preferred games include 'hide n seek' , 'climb up ur jeans n hang' as well as 'bite the ankles till u scream'..She's shy with strangers and can sense evil..haha..
The 1st pic is Sam at 2 months old and in the 4th pic she's kissing me..awwww
Samantha is naughty but very lovable!! My life revolves around her..
That's all for today, Samantha's waiting for me at home now..She gets mad whenever i go back late..No kidding! Muah Muah to all! Till next time...Cheers :)

Hi all! I'm back with more photos from my Europe Trip but before i start rambling about it, I'd like to shout out a big CONGRATS!! to Jon and Paul for having made top 12!! To Terence,Levin, Paul, Janson and James, you know its never the end of the road so let's all continue to work hard together! :) Not to forget..Good Luck to Melissa, Gayle, Jasmine, Siew Woon, Rahimah, Milly and Geraldine! Muah muah muah...

And now, back to the new photos..the 1st pic was taken secretly in 1 of the Queen's Crown Jewels corridors. Apparently cameras are banned in here..heehee..i love this pic!
The 2nd pic is of me acting cute with a real working cannon! it's really heavy and i tried to lift it to no avail..Hurt my hand a little but only realized it when i left the was so cold my limbs were numb!! (i was wearing five layers and still feel the chill!)
3rd pic is the one i promised to post..THe Harry Potter train station! I remember my 1st reaction when i was there and was shown the stone pillar where they filmed Harry and his friends passing through- i put both my hands on the pillar, hugged it and went, "oh my GOD! This is so cool!" somewhat too loud, the people around me all looked at me and laughed! They must think i'm such a sua gu! haha

To lovefoolosopher, thank you so much for your really made my day! I feel very flattered and encouraged by your comments! Have checked out your blogspot as well..1st reaction, wooh! Intellect! To centrestage, Thank you so much as well and i promise more pics! :)