Friday, September 22, 2006

HEY HEY PEOPLE! We have all been very busy preparing and rehearsing nonstop for the past 2 weeks...If you are going to the finals, Confirm, stamped plus guaranteed you will be wildly entertained! heehee..I'm kinda exhausted but still, a promise is a promise..Enjoy! :) Kisses & Hugs...


Here we are, the 4 monkies, super excited to be going on a cruise..can you feel our excitement?!

Here we are with George, the man who made it all possible! He is such a wonderful person and we love him to bits..Thank you George! You are the best!

Here we have Gaylie teasing an airport security officer..Normally, these guys are very serious and cool, but once faced with us the crazy crazy monkies, even they can't help smiling and blushing..hahahaha

This pic was taken after we pass the security check point,
(which took a long time because Paulie kept beeping and beeping,too much metal! Pun not intended la..metal is referring to all his accessories)where we actually took a video introducing the ferry we were taking but because of the glare from the sun, the ferry couldn't be seen! Wasted.

The 1st thing I did once we reached our destination was to get an Indonesian massage. Just half an hour of it was enough to rejuvenate my senses and hype me up for all the partying!! Paulie and Gaylie had a manicure, while Noodlie had a pedi..

And Paulie got so bored waiting for us that he started to self take pics of himself..

After our mani, pedi and massage, we checked into our rooms and went to their cafe to get a i took this photo of Gaylie and Noodlie. I like this pic so much!! I named this pic, My Sexy Gals..

After dinner, we proceeded to the lounge to watch their inhouse performances and grab mocktails..and also taking lots of pics...LOL

Here's one pic of Paul apparently imitating his own pose from 8days..hahaha..quite nice actually...

Noodlie and I with Paulie. As you can see, we like to experiment new poses at the expense of Paulie..He enjoys it though..hahaha

Noodlie and I before massage and pedi

Noodlie and I after massage and pedi

Then I had to decide to have a baileys...(act clever only)..and I'm feeling a little sleepy already..I can't drink to save my life!!!

Oh Tanat...remember you said poor Paul because we bully him? Well check this out...THIS is bullying...hahahaaha

Love, Em

Monday, September 18, 2006

hey ya people!!!

Eddyboi - Thanks so much!! We had a fantastic time and so did Paul!

Sunny - It was a 24 hour cruise to nowhere..the ship stays in international waters the whole time..It was a gift for Paul cos we wanted to cheer him up...can't bring too many boys at a time you know...1 paul is enough to handle won't believe the things he does!

Teck - I truly enjoy readin your comments..always so endearing! i had fun in York and also on the cruise..never laughed so much for a long time..LOL no record company has approached me but i hope there will be..Ken is cool..He's actually very nice in person! We have wanted to kick his butt for a long time but after we came in contact with him in private, we think he is kinda care..:)

Vincent - We are working hard to give a fantastic show to all in the finals..13 hour long kidding man!! Take care!!

Hyperamos - you are just so sweet...I'm sorry we had to leave the know we want to do more, much much more...i do miss devils and performing on that stage but without Hady, nothing is the same anymore..maybe you describe your look and where you normally sit? i might remember!! :)

twohillers - cool cool! paul had so much fun..check out the pics i'm gonna post up after this..

tanat - was that you paul was talking to? lol i couldn't see quite well cos i lost 1 side of my lenses..i didn't dare tell the rest or they will be scared cos i'm driving them...their lives are in my time if i don't see you just call my name..say my name, say my you saw the pics on gaylie's blog already? well then i'm gonna post some pics which her blog doesn't have..hers are quite censored..LOL..and meryl will be happy to know she's being missed..i miss her too..a lot actually..she's such a sweetie..

missy-aini - Thanks so much...lots of love to you!!

emilee-kang-rox - you must be a really good girl! study hard..don't disappoint k..:)

ouisard - heehee...we didn't get to swim at maybe next time...haha..noodle and i tried to place some bets but all looked so complicated we ended up changing our chips care..:)

sahira(vampira) - hey gal, will definitely tell hady..thanks for supporting him! tickets i'm not sure how else to get..even we get only like 11 tickets..not enough right? what to do...sigh..take care Vampira..i like your nick!!

kaileng - time must take pic with you! Do let me know if you see me cos i'm gonna be quite blur this week till finals..the schedule is super hectic!! see you soon....muah

jasmine - saySaysay! i can be fun when i want to or super serious when can be quite playful at times...cos forever young at heart mah..LOL..Paul is Hot yah? I will tell him for you...heehee...

sunny - are so funny! we don't have much tickets too...all taken up sorry..i will definitely be looking for opportunities and being proactive will surely help..did westlife really use a stick? i must watch it? is it on youtube? take care...:)

May Happiness follow you wherever you go
Love, Em

Thursday, September 14, 2006

To Sunny....I will never forget the people who love me!! You so drama...haha..very time you see me, let me know who you are ok? cos i will pinch your cheek..LOL

Angeliclovegal...Hi sweetie! Thank you so much for leaving me a message even though you are Jon's fan..heehee..Keep on supporting Jon..leave messages for him to show your love...He really needs it!! Muacks muacks..

Uglydudenaz...I'm doing ok, brother...The top 10 idols will be performing for the finals and i will be singing a really cool song...I can't say what song it is, only it has attitude...:)

Kaileng kaileng! You are really hardcore fan of Jon aye...heehee..even got interviewed and they showed it on tv! i was looking at your reaction in the studio and you were like, "ahh! ahh!" you looked very pai seh...Don't be pai seh look good on tv! Muacks see you around...

Hanz...Thank you so much for the compliments...I'm flattered you think so! Hope i can continue a career on tv. I promise not to disappoint!

Vincent...I have been great...I see you every now and then at the studio...who do you actually support?

welovepaultwohill...the lollipop can only be found in York...It smells really fruity and i bet delicious! but...cannot cos too much sugar! for display only i guess..LOL..Paul sends his love!

(emilee_kang_rox)....COOL nick...LOL...Don't be too stressed...remember when you study, you must be calm and collected, and truly understand what you are reading..then only can you fully absorb the formulas..are you still having PSLE now? will email you when i can k..Muah Muah

Ouisard...I'm glad you enjoyed the blog i spent almost 12 hours doing up. Reason why it took so long is because where i was staying they only had wireless..and it was VERY slow..I didn't sleep at all! Next place i go, i will definitely post up stuff..

Hyperamos...How you doing? Suppport Hady then! Things in UK are really i can only afford the ...budget la!

Tanat...Hey dear bro..have been seeing you in the studio past few weeks..but i didn't see you just now and yesterday too..where were you? Take care and see you around..thanks for the hug man!

c.a.n.d.i.c.e...Thanks babe...till next trip..HAHAHAAHAHAH(dracula laughter)

shyanne...BIG KISS FOR YOU..take care sweetheart.. take care too nisa...more to

teckhwee...Hihi teck! I'm curious...have i seen you before? *hugs*

Love, EM

Hey Everybody! Sorry for not updating for so long...ever since i came back from England, I have been catching up with the idols and my friends as best as i can..I miss all of you!! Big Kiss to All!!


Hady and Jon...the final 2 i predicted from the start! I'm SO HAPPY, SO SO HAPPY for them! Just now, outside hangout, i was asked the question,'do you support Jon or Hady?' My immediate response was,'I'm torn.' cos i truly am. Both of them have got different plus points, both are 'shuai'(haha), both have great voices, both have....alamak the list goes on and on...i'm truly torn!


Tomorrow, Gaylie, Noodlie, Paulie and I, Emilee will go on a cruise holiday! We are able to go for just 1 day though, cos rehearsals for the finals have started. This cruise was actually a gift for Paul when he was ousted last week. I wanted to cheer him up as he was really upset and when we gave him the invitation, he got happier and there, we achieved our aim..LOL..we even had to bluff him that there's gonna be lots of bikini chicks to make him go 'WHEEEEE'! (unfortunately i don't think there will be any..haha)
Thank you George for arranging the cruise for us!

Right now, as much as i would love to write more, i must go...because i gotta get up early for rehearsals and i have not packed my overnight bag for the cruise..I better go now...

"May Happiness follow you wherever you go"

Lots of Love,