Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Hi everyone! check out these photos i took on my Europe trip in February 2006, the ones i managed to scan properly...come on gimme a break i'm new at this...:0
the first and the second pic i took after a major shopping spree in it was fantastic though some of the shop assistants were quite cocky and not very helpful. i enjoyed myself immensely though.. just imagine me rummaging through the sale items like a bag lady..haha..yes yes i only buy stuff i think is worth the money..1 pound equals sgd3 dollars!!!! the other reason i was shopping nonstop was cos i had no was too cold for me to stay outdoors and i had to dash into a shop every 5 mins..haha (excuses, excuses) it was minus 5 degrees!! even in singapore i don't sleep in airconditioned rooms, i wondered how i survived the two weeks that i was there..

Third pic is of me on the London open-aired tour bus, it costs about sgd80 to go on the tour! goodness me and it was super cold and the wind was freezing plus it started to rain and i got lost when i alighted at the wrong stop. My umbrella didn't protect me from the rain and by the time i found the train station i had to throw the umbrella away cos the wind had bent the steel out of shape. However, i enjoyed myself a lot and couldn't stop laughing..maybe my brains were frozen or something!! Truth is i'm a sucker for adventure, my body might be suffering but my spirit's totally havin a ball..

The fourth pic is of me in London's Chinatown, a pity they had roadworks if not i could have taken a much better picture of the area. they've got tons of casinos there and believe me i was tempted to walk in so many times!! i stopped myself only cos i didn't have enough pounds to lose..haha..there were many chinese restaurants there and i tried one that served the best crispy duck i have ever eaten..for more info pls email me..(starting to sound like an advertisement)

Last pic is when i was in Edinburgh,Scotland. That's the famous Edinburgh Castle behind me..I went inside and toured the place where the Prisoners of War were kept, saw the crown jewels etc.. It was kind of spooky at one point cos they had special effects to make us feel as though it was back during war time. All in all, it was an interesting experience. I have got to go back there again!!

i have much more pics from my trip which i will attempt to scan again..i actually have 1 pic of the Harry Potter train station! Wish me luck scanning it! :p

On a special note, i'd like to wish Good Luck to my fellow contestants on Singapore Idol. The 1st 7 boys' piano show was aired yesterday night and the results will be later tonight. To Jon, James, Levin, Paul, Janson, Terence and Norman, Best of Luck and I love you guys!! Hope we'll stay friends no matter what happens!

Till next time........

Sunday, May 28, 2006

The best thing that ever happened to me!!!!! To all my true friends out there, don't forget to vote for me!!! And to all my new friends, I thank you for your votes and your support...

This is only my first post, so I'm still a rookie at this! hahaha... But I created this space for the very reason that anyone who stumbles upon this page will spend some time to get to know me. At least enough, to vote for me lah... ( very "Singaporean", hahaha ) Check out my pics that they put up on the Singapore Idol website!!! I think my face looks really round : (

I'm gonna put up some pics of myself that I think I look better than the ones currently available. I don't want to be known as a fat pig, hahaha....( even tho' I share certain similarities as a pig,,sleep,eat,sleep,eat.... )

Feel free to email me your comments, cos I really need your constructive criticism in order to improve myself. I really want to go further in this competition. Above anything else, I thank you all in advance..... ; )