Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Can't believe you all still tag me...THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH...
I haven't posted anything for ages..Ages..AGES..SORRY SORRY SORRY
i spent a while figuring out how to log back in, and...here i am!!

Quick updates

>>I recently underwent surgery for my right hand..i had broken my bone in a fall that didn't seem so bad at first, but has lead to a lot of pain..undergoing physiotherapy now to regain my strength in that hand..i'm like an invalid now..sigh..but i will be as strong as i can..promise...

>>I'm singing in St james power station..starting work again tonight at Dragonfly...delivering my out of touch mandarin songs..lol..u see i have been on mc for about 2 weeks plus.. don't know when i will start singing at boilerroom again..but will update...promise..

>>I met somebody.

>>There's a Singing/talent competition coming up...AUDITIONS ARE THIS WEEKEND 24th & 25th May..Its held at Bedok Community Centre and registration forms are available online!! I'm part of the committee organising this..Check it out at www.bedokyec.org.sg/form/RulesNRegulations.pdf
It will be fun to take part! promise..

>> I realise that Fear is really the opposite of Love..

:p Em