Wednesday, August 16, 2006


York - For nearly 2000 years, York has been the capital of the north. Its city walls, built durin the 13th century, are among the most impressive surviving medieval fortifications in Europe.
Here's Emilee's fun day in York - i'm depicting my experience to the best of my memory, ok...heehee :) Enjoy!!


Bright and early in the morning 10.00 am..and here i am standing in the middle of the road outside the house
(no cars at this time so it's safe) See the car behind me? That's gonna be my ride..(yeah right) (in about 2 years time haha)
I'm going to York today!!


I was actually contemplating to make a sandwich to eat on the train but due to lack of time (the train i was planning to catch leaves at 11.05 and the bus ride to the train station takes about 20 mins plus there's A LOT of walking ) i decided to get Burger King from the station.

You must be wondering why i took a photo of the heinz tomato sauce, well here's why - You know how in singapore if we want more packets of sauces we got to keep asking the cashier? I'm like," can i have 5 packets of ketchup?" I'm given 2. I go,"can i have 3 more packets of ketchup?" She gives me 2 more. Then i go,"1 more please" and finally...(circus music plays) i get my 5 packets.

Well here in England, The packets are less watched over and you can take as many as you want and i'm thankful for that!! And if that's not a good enough reason, check out the giant onion rings, they are about 3 times the size of the onion rings from Burger King Singapore!!!
Gosh they're juicy...yum yummy yum yum...


Finally....I'm in York! My Spirits are high and i'm excited to go!! Wheeeeeeeeeee......The place i'm targeting to go - the York Minster
A short walk from the train station took me to the famous city walls, built in the 13th century, well preserved with medieval gates.


Is this a mini fountain?, an ancient water cooler? I pressed the button, half expecting water to spout but nothing happened. . (I don't have a tour guide so there was really no one to ask)


York happens to be the most haunted county in England. These tours are aplenty and promise to scare the socks off you! It costs about 5 pounds and guts to go on one.

A war monument erected in honour of soldiers and sailors who lost their lives in South Africa AD 1899 - 1902.


Here stands the York Minster, (or the Cathedral & Metropolitan Church of St Peter) Europe's largest medieval cathedral and one of the world's most inspiring buildings. The Minster is the seat of the archbishop of York, who holds the title of Primate of England and is second only in importance to the archbishop of Canterbury, the Primate of ALL England. Wow. Must take a photo with the York Minster!


The wind was seriously not happy with me and soon it was too cold for me to be staying outdoors. Add on a little hunger and to the nearest cafe i go! I ordered blackcurrant tea and soon needed to eat something. The cafe had food but why order food when i have my delicious bacon sandwich?
They didn't allow outside food so i had to sneak bites and make sure i'm not seen!! A waitress walks in my direction and i hurriedly keep my food... lol!


Here's Constantine the Great ( the Sexy??!!) And I.

Ok what is a holiday without SHOPPING!! So here I go browsing the shops in York for a good buy. In the pic i'm posing with a huge lollipop which i really wanted to get but in the end i didn't. :(

I wanted to buy a mini model of the Minster but it was so EX! It was like 25 pounds and that's 75 singapore dollars!

Eventually i came upon a bake shop and got myself a gingerbread dinosaur! I love gingerbread!
Does anyone remember the story of The Gingerbread Man? It was my favourite bedtime story when i was a toddler and my love for gingerbread has never faded since.

Next i entered a shopping mall and really made myself at home, posing for pictures with their caps, only to be warned off by the security guard("no pictures here, miss") I wanted to take a picture with the guard but he courteously declined. :p


I was just in time for the York Summer Fair ( summer? it's too cold to be summer!!). They had horse carousels, candy floss,blow up castles,etc for the kids and street orchestras, little shops selling small knick knacks, t-shirts( check out the pic where i pose with tshirts i believe Paul will like VERY much) and even a Roman bath( whatever that is)

Along the way i spotted a Donut shop with an interesting name - Kinky Donuts - Think the boys queuing up are hoping to have a taste of kinkiness? ahhh..hormones..LOL

Nearby, I spotted the sexiest lingerie shop, check out the red nurse outfit! As i peeked into the shop, i thought i saw a super sexy gal walking around in there in next to nothing...Then i realized it was a customer trying on the lingerie...Hot Hot HOT. I didn't dare steal a photo of her.


After having to wash my eyes and wiping the blood off my nose, I arrived at the very anticipated York Dungeon.(Right beside it is the Grand Opera House, reminds me of Vampires already!!)

The Gruesome going-ons - A unique feast of fun with history's horrifying bits. Live actors, shows and special effects transports us back to those black, bleak times. Explore the facts that surround the local legends to famous Vampires! It's simply terrifying..Here's what i can remember..

The Judgement of sinners - A man playing a 17th century judge picked on this American guy just beside me and proceeded to accuse him of terrible crimes..He was thrown into a rat-infested dungeon. I was so scared i would be singled out i was practically sinking to the floor..(ok ok I'm a scaredy cat)

Plague - Goodness me, the live actors, all dressed up as plague victims, looking absolutely horrendous. They looked like The Living Dead! they were really out to scare us and i found myself screaming and screaming and screaming nonstop! In the 14th century, the bubonic plague had hit York and thousands had struggled, disfigured and in unspeakable agony.

There were others about Vikings( informative and made me sick to the stomach knowing how cruel humans can be), Dick Turpin(a little boring, don't remember much, was recovering from screaming watching the torture chamber) and the Labyrinth of the Lost(It's like a maze, i just followed the rest and hid most of the time haha ok ok I'm a scaredy cat)

At the end of the whole experience, We exit into the Gift Shop, where i bought a York Dungeon cap as a souvenir. Ahhhhh..happy longer scared...


It was time for me to get back to Leeds before the sky went dark. The sun here sets at only after 8pm, amazing right?
I truly thought i would never get frightened by anything after York Dungeon, until i saw that directly opposite the train station, i the middle of the road, was a cemetery.

Complete with tombstones and (is that a coffin?!), seeing this sent chills up and down my spine...i would hate to imagine what lies beneath...

Are you even a little scared? Cos i am. LOL

Love, Em

Saturday, August 12, 2006

To: Manjoe(lol nana will tell you, and ur new kitty is so ADORABLE!)
Teck Hwee(u are so very sweet..I hangout mostly at home..don't go out much cos gotta take care of my dad..)
Welovepaultwohill<3(Thanks sweeties! Keep showing pauly your love..he really needs it!)
Kelvin(sorry to have caused you to stop watching:(..but finals must watch ok! Muah)

Dainty Diva(I'm still very much in contact with them :)
C.a.n.d.i.c.e(Let whatever happen, happen..there is nothing much we can do except continue to support your favs)
Lisa (Sam says thanks..she loves it when she gets compliments..heehee.) Displacedthoughts(We will never know the final result until the last minute..I'm supportive of the remaining contestants..they are under a lot of stress)
Sunny(you make me so'sunny' when i read your posts! my daddy's name is Sunny too..heehee)
Eddyboi(perhaps you're but very hard to say..They might be Young at heart just like i am!)
Hyperamos(Relax.."big hug" and watch the show..Just be happy and see the lighthearted side of will make life easier..:)
Carrot9 (Muah):)
Sweet<3 (Go Sweet<3 Go!)
Kaileng (i miss seeing you at are truly a nice gal to be so supportive of me even though i'm not your fav..haha muah muah)

bubblegumsexwax (what a nick you have..bubblegum is my weakness..i can chew and chew and never get tired of chewing..heehee thanks i'm happy to know you enjoyed my performance! i don't have a bf la..)
Geoff (Thank you so much for missing me..i miss being able to interact with everyone as well!)
Nisa (Perhaps perhaps i'm a bit crazy today)
Grooves (you got the grooves man! yeah baby yeah!)
Ugly dude naz ( why ugly dude??? I'm still with mediacorp..DB maybe..Supernova..will check out the show when i can..SPURS FOREVER!)


Hey People!! Like i told Nisa, I'm a little crazy you know why?
16 hours flying..a little jetlag..i'm in ENGLAND!! i'm gonna be here for 2 weeks..figured i needed a break before the finals. I will be wandering around here and taking pics to post here so i can share my holiday with everyone! However, i really do not know where to start! Any ideas? lol..
Before i left singapore there was the terrorist scare and everyone started to call me, asking if my flight was still on..apparently now we can't bring liquids, makeup and some other stuff as hand carry baggage anymore.
So I called Changi Airport and asked them,"so what items am i allowed to bring on the plane?" The girl on the line actually giggled and replied,"pocket-sized wallet, credit cards, sunglasses but minus the box, sanitary items but minus the box(What??!!), passport(of course), and ah...that's all..and all this must be put into a transparent bag." By the time she finished i realised i was so shocked i couldn't even answer her and after like ten seconds pause i asked lamely,"what about sweets?" The girl laughed and said,"i think that should be fine." lol
After i put down the phone, i looked at all my unpacked stuff strewn all over my room floor and wondered if i could pack up in time! It was already 8.30pm and my flight was scheduled at 11pm. Gosh.
Anyway, here i am, getting a headache due to jet lag , yet excited at the same time!! It's still really cold here though i was informed it wouldn't i lost my jacket in Changi airport and had to walk around in a sleeveless top..Darn..i'm lucky i didn't catch a cold..LOL

Ima, IMA..i was absolutely shocked to my core that Ima is out. Not surprised Joakim was crying though..they were as close as siblings..She is more relieved than anything so i'm not too worried about her. All the best Ima and see you soon! Love you babe.

My headache is getting worse..i better go and lie down for a while now..And when i get up, Food! gonna get subway or something(everything here is super expensive) Gotta go now..tatas everyone! Big KISS to all!

Love, Em

Friday, August 04, 2006

I can't believe Jay got sent home.I nearly fell off my seat when they put Hady, Jon and Jay on the chopping board. What is going on? Jay is fine though and being really strong! I'm very proud of him! He didn't allow tears to cloud his swan song and he left with his head held high. This is the attitude I hope all my other fellow idols should adopt.
It's hard enough that we are in the public eye, facing judgement from people who are biased against us, getting slammed, dissed, insulted, etc..It really HURTS. There are also the kind good souls out there who are supportive and don't have an inch of bad in them. If not for these kind souls, we would all have broken down! Sometimes i wonder what these people gain from slamming us, What? What can they possibly gain from posting hate comments? I seriously don't get it..oh maybe self satisfaction? But there are other more effective ways to satisfy themselves! I wished there was something i could do to help these people but i guess i will never know their identities. Whatever it is, i wish them lifelong happiness :)

eddyboi(who say i got crush on anyone? :p), dainty diva, lisa, sophia(my kind of gal), kaileng(miss u too man), ichigo-san(arigato~), ardna(thanks 4 e hug, really needed it), robin, darkelv(:) u r very smart), dennis, diyanrishka,nisa, veronica, grooves, meesaarsngg, stupidgenius, sunny, teckhwee, tanat(BIG hug), karlg,prim, ouisard, displaced thoughts, paperfaces on parade(Jay and i are just friends la), candice(maybe going back but much later cos still 'bound'), manjoe and shyanne(sms nana!),lonekeeper(u r so sweet! send my love to your granddad) and much more who have posted fab and encouraging comments!
Want to keep typing but i have an appointment at 8 so gotta go people! will be back soon and i'm probably gonna find pics to post if not it's gonna get quite boring! BIG KISSES TO ALL!! MUAH LONG KISS M>>>>UAH....haha
Love, Em